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2020 Election Information

Election 2020 Postcard

COVID Information Relating to Back to School

CSEA Letter to Members Return Rights and Rules
Letter to BOE And Dr. Thomas Re Workload
School Score Card
Letter To BOE And Dr. Thomas Stating That Returning To Learn In Person Must Be Safe
All Member Meeting August 17, 2020 FAQ
COVID Reporting Guidance – Identification And Isolation Of Staff Exhibiting Signs Of Illness
Accommodations Requests For People At High Risk
Return to Learn and COVID FAQ July 10
Whistle Blower Protections – What Are My Rights As An Educator?
 School-Based Employees’ School Aged Children At Schools

Evaluation Information

Evaluation – Viewing Teachers Courses In Schoology
Evaluation – Addendum: Resource Guide For Deepening The Understanding Of Teachers’ Professional Practices

Master Agreement and Salary Schedule 

Master Agreement 2020-2021

Master Agreement 2019-2020

Teacher Salary Schedule 2019-2020

CONTRACT VIDEOSExplanations of the Master Agreement:

#1 – Faculty Meetings – What are they?

#2 – Curriculum Development and Review – Teachers’ Roles and Rights

#3 – Complaints Against Teachers – Process and Rights

#4 – Representation – Your Rights To Have Others Present

#5 – Your Access to Buildings – After Hours and Weekends

#6 – Facilities, Materials, And Supplies – Minimums Items Provided

#7 – Monitoring Contacts – Work/Personal Balance

#8 – Evaluation – Process and Timelines

#9 – Substitute Coverage – Your Rights and Responsibilities

#10 – Plan Time – Time You Direct

Educators Employment Liability Insurance Policy

Below is a link to the 2020-2021 liability insurance policy that is benefit of your membership in the Association, and information regarding an amendment to the policy made in September, 2020.

CO NEA EEL Dec Policy & Endorsement 20-21

Amendment TO EEL Insurance Program September 1, 2020

Activism and Association Representative Credit Packet:

2020-2021 How to Get Activism Credit

Critical Dates and Seniority List

Critical Dates and Seniority List

District 11 Seniority List October 2020

District 11 Critical Dates 2019-2020

Bylaws and Organizational Documents of Interest

CSEA Bylaws Adopted 2020

Helpful Information

Possible Steps to take with Aggressive and/or Violent Students – student safety and violence documents for ARs

Evaluation “At a Glance” – Document to help ARs and members know when things should happen,  questions to ask, and references to essential documents.

Teacher Evaluation Tool Check List 2018-19