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Interactions with D11 Administration and School Board

Issues Exchanged for Interest Based Bargaining 2022-2023 (negotiation of the Master Agreement):

CSEA & D11 Issue Exchange

IBB Schedule for Spring 2023

CSEA Board of Directors Election 2023

Congratulations to our new CSEA board members! We received one nomination for each of the following CSEA Board of Director positions and therefore all nominees have been elected by acclamation. All positions are for a two-year term starting July 2023.

Amanda Hawkins, Coronado Region Director

Katie Regan, Doherty Region Director

Cari McKamey, Middle Grade Director

Elissa Brost, Primary Grade Director

Ali Eustace, Senior Grade Director

Naomi Lopez, Itinerate Director

There will be an election for CSEA Treasurer running March 16, 2023 – March 22, 2023. Campaign statements are available here: 22-23 Treasurer Election.  You will receive information on voting at you D11 email address.

Election for NEA Representative Assembly

For NEA Representative Assembly, CSEA is allotted seven (7) delegates. According to the CSEA Bylaws, the President is automatically a delegate. Six (6) additional representatives will be elected. Five (5) of the six (6) additional representatives will receive a funding stipend for the assembly. The AR council approved a budget that can fund five (5) stipends for the Assembly. The five (5) individuals with the highest vote totals will receive stipends and the sixth would be responsible for covering their own travel and expense, should they choose to attend in person.  Virtual participation likely be available again this year. Candidate statements and information are available here: 22-23 RA Election.  The election will run March 16, 2023 – March 22, 2023 and you will receive information on voting at you D11 email address. 

Delegates to the 2023 CEA DA

Congratulations to the following individuals who were elected by the membership of CSEA to carry our collective, local voice at the 2023 Delegate Assembly!!

Members from across the state convene each spring at the CEA Delegate Assembly to establish policy. At Delegate Assembly, representatives make decisions regarding school reform issues, legislative agendas, philosophical resolutions and member rights advocacy. Thank you for volunteering to represent CSEA at the state level!

Laura Andujar – McAuliffe Elementary School
Paul Blakesley – Palmer High School
Kevin Coughlin – Twain Elementary School
Ali Eustice – Palmer High School
Angelica Givler – McAuliffe Elementary School
Amanda Hawkins – Mann Middle School
Yael Horowitz Swigert Middle School
Naomi Lopez – Holmes Middle School
Marcia Mcgirr – North Middle School
Cari Mckamey – Jenkins Middle School
Carmen Moyer – Keller Elementary School
Timothy Owen – Mitchell High School
Emily Owen – McAuliffe Elementary School
Monica Peeler – Grant Elementary School
Adrienne Propsom – Coronado High School
Susan Rezzonico Forget – Sabin Middle School
Jaclyn Roberson – Palmer High School
Jack Roberts – Achieve Online
Joe Schott – Doherty High School
Anton Schulzki – Palmer High School
Meredith Smarr – Mann Middle School

Master Agreement and Salary Schedule 

Master Agreement 2022-2023

Stipend Information: What are stipends?

How-To: Using BoardDocs, the School Board’s web site with calendar of meetings, agendas, how to watch meetings, video recordings of previous meetings, how to submit comments to be read at meetings, and more.

Possible Steps to take with Aggressive and/or Violent Students – student safety and violence documents for ARs

Seniority List

District 11 Seniority List September 2022

District 11 Seniority List October 2021

District 11 Seniority List October 2020

CONTRACT VIDEOSExplanations of the Master Agreement:

#1 – Faculty Meetings – What are they?

#2 – Curriculum Development and Review – Teachers’ Roles and Rights

#3 – Complaints Against Teachers – Process and Rights

#4 – Representation – Your Rights To Have Others Present

#5 – Your Access to Buildings – After Hours and Weekends

#6 – Facilities, Materials, And Supplies – Minimums Items Provided

#7 – Monitoring Contacts – Work/Personal Balance

#8 – Evaluation – Process and Timelines

#9 – Substitute Coverage – Your Rights and Responsibilities

#10 – Plan Time – Time You Direct

Educators Employment Liability Insurance Policy

Below is a link to the 2022-2023 liability insurance policy that is a benefit of your membership in the Association.

APL Insurance Brochure 2022_23

Teacher Credit through CSEA

2022-2023 How to Get Activism Credit

Bylaws and Organizational Documents of Interest

CSEA Bylaws Adopted 2020

CSEA Funding Guidelines