Proud and honored to represent our members at the NEA Representative Assembly in Minneapolis! #unionstrong #solidarity #professionalism#justice — with Adrienne Propsom, Joe Schott, Erica J. Rewey, Adrienne Hause, Anton Schulzki and Julia Oi Yin Chung.


Canvassing for Firefighters’ collective bargaining rights- with Chris Idzik, Jamie Cushenbery, Jeanne Callahan, Joe Schott, Thad Gemski, Carmen Moyer


Pedal the Plains after school events team – Lamar, CO


CSEA Staff Members Denise Brown and Laura Zeitz at D-11 New Teacher Orientation
CSEA President Dr. Joe Schott at D11 First Day Kickoff
CSEA President, Dr. Joe Schott, at D11 First Day Kickoff