CSEA gives teachers a voice: a voice in political decisions that affect public education; a voice in our working conditions; a voice in determining fair compensation for our skills; a voice for our profession; and a voice to advocate for public education.

Be a member, have your voice heard!

Association membership offers the following benefits:

  • Collective bargaining for salaries, benefits and working conditions
  • Enforcement of Master Agreement rights
  • Member representation and advocacy
  • $1 million professional liability insurance
  • Legal Services
  • Attorney Referral Program
  • Legislative action and support for public education
  • Insurance, annuity, financial and investment programs
  • Professional development
  • Leadership Training
  • Communication on issues impacting teachers and public schools
  • Group discount programs for car rentals, magazine subscriptions, consumer loans, home mortgages, auto, life, and home insurance programs, etc.
  • Benefits available exclusively to members. Visit the websites for CEA and NEA Member Benefits for information on these exclusive benefits.
  • Additional benefits are provided exclusively to members using the links below.

California Casualty Insurance
Many members are able to recover the entire cost of their annual CSEA, CEA and NEA dues by taking advantage of California Casualty’s highly competitive rates for automobile and home coverage. You may learn more about how California Casualty can help you save money and get a no-obligation quote by contacting CSEA’s California Casualty representative, Jolie Spence, using the link above. Jolie is dedicated to providing CSEA members the most comprehensive coverage at the most favorable rates.

NEA Member Benefits
The NEA Member Benefits program is committed to truly understanding and accommodating the personal and professional needs of our members. They offer a wide variety of insurance, credit, loan and mortgage, investment, and consumer discount programs that are available exclusively to NEA members. Susan Rutherford-Estes is the Affiliate Relations Specialist for CSEA, CEA and NEA members in Colorado, and can be reached using the link above.

Professional Development Available Through CEA
COpilot is a meaningful, convenient, and flexible online learning platform that supports educators by expanding their learning opportunities. It is CEA’s innovative and groundbreaking tool that delivers peer-to-peer support and relevant resources to give educators a professional edge so they can help every student thrive!

Attorney Referral Program
Members are eligible for two free 30-minute consultations on personal, legal issues during each membership year (September 1 through August 31).If you need help beyond this, our Attorney Referral Program (ARP) gives you legal assistance at rates well below participating attorneys’ usual fees.

Additional Resources
Below is a list of websites provided to us by members who have found them useful. These sites are not endorsed by CSEA, but we believe that you will find them helpful.