We formed the CSEA Equity Council to provide for and assure teacher engagement and awareness on issues of equity. We engage D11 on issues of equity, such as providing recommendations for the district’s equity policy and presenting a teacher voice on the district’s equity initiatives. Additionally, the Council researches equity issues and shares findings through the Union Pulse and at Association Representative (AR) meetings. Equity Council members are happy to present any of our topics at your school’s staff meeting. Reach out to us via email at csea@coloradoea.org to schedule a time.

This page was created to support you in your journey to raise your equity awareness. Here, you will find items shared in the Union Pulse, at Association Representative (AR) meetings on this page, and more on this page!

Ways to promote equity in your practice, at your school, or within our district:

  • Watch the Union Pulse for equity exercises and tips
  • Share equity exercises and any information on this page with colleagues or at staff meetings
  • Invite a CSEA Equity Council member to speak at your school
  • Start an equity committee at your school – contact us for help or guidance
  • Join the CSEA Equity Council – we meet at 4:30 on the first Thursday of the month

You can contact CSEA’s Equity Council through the CSEA email: csea@coloradoea.org .

Diverse and Inclusive Books and Book Lists

Click Here for Equity Forum Resources

Library Equity Audit

Have you wondered if all of your students feel represented in your class and school libraries? What types of books are needed that could help your students connect with others, connect with books, and see the humanity in other people?

Analyze your libraries using an audit, which helps you determine the make-up of your class, so you can fill gaps in your libraries and engage more students. When an audit is completed and identifies gaps for the school, CSEA would like to contribute to closing these gaps. Schools closing the equity gap may receive a $50 grant for the purchase of books for the school library. The deadline to submit for a grant is April 30, 2021.

Tools for the audit are available below:

Library Audit Quick Reference Guide

Library Audtit- Social Identity Wheel Handout

E-mail Monica or Carmen for additional information.