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Looking Forward, Looking Back
20-05-22 Union Pulse

Professional Autonomy Provided By The Master Agreement
20-05-21 Union Pulse

Message from Joe Schott, CSEA President
20-05-20 Union Pulse

Striving To Improve Working Conditions
20-05-19 Union Pulse

Our Working Conditions Are Protected
20-05-18 Union Pulse

Erica Rewey, Garden Of The Gods Rotary Club Teacher Of The Year
20-05-15 Union Pulse

This Empire Has No Clothes
20-05-14 Union Pulse

What’s Your Story?
20-05-13 Union Pulse

Six Reasons To Belong To A Union
20-05-12 Union Pulse

Congratulations Crystal Apple Award Recipients!
20-05-11 Union Pulse

Bargaining Update
20-05-08 Union Pulse

You Deliver Every Day!
20-05-07 Union Pulse

NEA Message For Teacher Appreciation Week
20-05-06 Union Pulse

CEA Message For Teacher Appreciation Week
20-05-05 Union Pulse

CSEA Matching Donations!
20-05-04 Union Pulse

Contract Negotiations (IBB) Update
20-05-01 Union Pulse

CSEA Remains Here For You
20-04-30 Union Pulse

This Pandemic Can’t Keep Educators From Continuing To Improve Conditions!
20-04-29 Union Pulse

Community Helping Community
20-04-28 Union Pulse

Kevin Coughlin Receives Golden Apple Award At Delegate Assembly
20-04-27 Union Pulse

CEA Supports Governor’s Decision To Keep Schools Closed
20-04-24 Union Pulse

Joe Schott’s Address To The School Board
20-04-23 Union Pulse

Celebrating Earth Day
20-04-22 Union Pulse

Look At All These District 11 Job Openings!
20-04-21 Union Pulse

AR Nominations Are Due April 27 At 5:00 p.m.
20-04-20 Union Pulse

A Concert, Virtual Yoga, A Friday Chuckle, And More
20-04-17 Union Pulse

Financial Assistance
20-04-16 Union Pulse

The State Of Our Union
20-04-15 Union Pulse

Managing Work Load And Time
20-04-14 Union Pulse

Defining Our Future
20-04-13 Union Pulse

D11 Special Education Distance Learning Plan
20-04-10 Union Pulse

Update On Additional Important Evaluation Information
20-04-09 Union Pulse

Additional Important Evaluation Information
20-04-08 Union Pulse

20-04-07 Union Pulse

 Read Joe Schott’s Interview In The Gazette
20-04-06 Union Pulse

Our Community Steps Up!
20-04-03 Union Pulse

Evaluations Suspended For The Year
20-04-02 Union Pulse

Webex Video Guide
20-04-01 Union Pulse

CSEA Is Here For You
20-03-31 Union Pulse

A Letter From Our President
20-03-13 Union Pulse

Teacher Leave And Field Trips
20-03-06 Union Pulse

Unions Fighting For Workers’ Rights
20-02-28 Union Pulse

School Discipline Policy
20-02-20 Union Pulse

Read Across America Is Coming Soon!
20-02-07 Union Pulse

Thumbs Up To The Members Who Nominated Themselves!
20-02-06 Union Pulse

Election For Delegates To The 2019-2020 CEA Delegate Assembly
20-01-16 Union Pulse

Are You Paid For ALL Your Grad Credits?
19-12-12 Union Pulse

Union Pulse For The Win
19-12-05 Weekly Update

Name This Newsletter
19-11-14 Weekly Update

Election Night Results
19-11-07 Weekly Update

Snow Days!
19-11-01 Weekly Update

Teachers Fighting For Their Rights
19-10-25 Weekly Update

Countdown – Five Days Until Fall Forum
19-10-17 Weekly Update

Let’s Elect A Great School Board
19-10-03 Weekly Update

Support CSEA Recommended Candidates And Seniority List
19-09-26 Weekly Update

Picnic In The Park And Sick Leave Bank
19-09-19 Weekly Update

Fairplay Teachers Vote To Strike
19-09-05 Weekly Update

Happy Labor Day
19-08-29 Weekly Update

Sick Leave Bank, CSEA Friends And Family Picnic
19-08-23 Weekly Update

safeTALK Training, Labor Day Book Giveaway
19-08-16 Weekly Update