Distance Learning Official Guidance

Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have a few minutes to help a colleague?.. Click here to help

Help Colorado Now

Ways to volunteer from home and how to help food banks during coronavirus.

Teaching and Academic Resources

Be Your Own Italian Masterpiece: How People Are Recreating Classic Artworks In Coronavirus Quarantine

Coronavirus and Teaching from Home: Ten Ways to Engage and Instruct Students Remotely

Home Schooled with The Moth: Weekly Storytelling Activity

List of Authors and Illustrators That Are Doing Online Story Time – author/creator approved for use

Expelliarmus Boredom! JK Rowling Launches ‘Harry Potter At Home’ Hub For Kids In Lockdown – author/creator approved for use

Jenks School Teacher Starts Facebook Group To Help Parents And Teachers With Learning At Home

The Latest News And Resources About The Coronavirus From CEA

Webex Assistance

Steven Lambert, who is the Itinerant Director on the CSEA Board of Directors, has prepared several Webex guides that you might find helpful. You can find them here:

Webex Assistance

Health and Family Resources

Easily Accessible Resources About State and Federal Benefits

Mental Health Resources

Below are some links on articles with tips and resources on how to care for ourselves and our mental health in this time.

Federal Stimulus Package

NEA Congressional Update

The $2 trillion plus CARES Act is now law. The House passed it March 27, and the president has signed it. Several items in this linked folder.

  1. Information from NEA
  2. A section by section summary of the bill from Senate Dem leadership
  3. An FAQ document of the bill from Senate Dem leadership
  4. Answers to questions about the small business elements in the bill (as we’ve received questions about member households who may have family with small businesses)
  5. A topline summary of the bill from Senate Dem leadership

Member Benefits

Update From NEA Member Benefits

NEA Member Benefits has expedited the launch of a new discount program for NEA members with Office Depot/OfficeMax in response to NEA members’ expressed needs for computer equipment, peripherals, and associated supplies. Information about the program is available on the NEA Member Benefits website at: https://www.neamb.com/products/nea-office-depot-officemax-discount-program