Association Representatives (ARs) are local association leaders elected by CSEA members in their buildings to represent them. They represent their constituency by:

  • Serving on the governing body of CSEA
  • Assisting members with certain employment issues
  • Increasing awareness of Association benefits, services and resources
  • Attending monthly AR meetings (up to 3 credits are available for serving as an AR) and reporting back to members
  • Assisting CSEA with membership promotion and retention activities

These important teacher volunteers are in the schools working with our members, so they know them personally, and have the best insight on workplace problems. It is natural that they are called on to help our members…they are the leaders in their workplaces!

CSEA provides the training necessary for ARs to assist members with a wide variety of employment issues. Some examples of the types of issues ARs might be called upon to assist with are concerns surrounding working conditions, workload, leave questions, parent complaints, and Master Agreement questions.

We provide the tools and knowledge our ARs need to help our members solve problems by training them in:

  • Knowledge of our negotiated Master Agreement
  • Knowledge of state and federal laws
  • Knowledge of what’s going on in our district

There are issues ARs don’t work with, including child abuse or criminal allegations of any type. Any concerns a member has regarding those types of issues should be immediately directed to the CSEA office and not involve an Association Representative.

In addition to training our ARs to work with members, CSEA has a full time release President, Joe Schott, and a UniServ Director who serve as professional resources and a support system for our ARs and teachers on a daily basis. Should a situation require it, CSEA will make arrangements with CEA to provide an attorney for advice and consultation.

CSEA relies upon our Association Representatives to assist in an on-going basis in member representation at the building level. Without these very important teacher volunteers, we would not be able to provide the high level of service that our members have come to expect. We thank our ARs who serve in this important capacity, invite other members to consider whether they might be willing to serve as an AR now or in the future, and encourage all members to utilize the service of their highly trained CSEA Association Representatives.

Association Representatives do important work that advances the organization and profession, and are able to receive commensurate advancement for that work. The details are available on the member side of the website.